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Hiring a Professional DJ/MC

When planning out your wedding day, one of the first items on your list is to pick out your wedding vendors. One vendor I recommend to immediately hire is a professional entertainment company. Now, every once in a while, I've had couples tell me that “they have a friend that can DJ my wedding” or “why should I hire a DJ when I could just bring in an iPod and have my friend control the music?”. There is SO much more than hitting “play” on an iPod; and I'm here to shine some light on this very important topic!

To provide a proper background of what a professional entertainment company will do for you, I chatted with Jeff VerSchage from White Rose Entertainment. Jeff has been in the industry for over 25 years, so he definitely knows a thing or two!

When hiring a professional, they will be your Master of Ceremonies, or MC, throughout the entire event. When preparing for the wedding party introductions, your DJ/MC will make sure they have the names of each person properly pronounced. They will also line up your wedding party in the order you’ve requested. This may sound like an easy job, but corralling a group that may be drinking and not always listening for instructions is not an easy task! Your professional wedding DJ will also announce toasts and cake cutting. Your DJ will make sure to remind your maid of honor and best man to have their champagne flute in hand before making their toasts and that the mic is properly working for them.

Many do not realize that each song will have it’s own volume at the recorded level, so your DJ is there to balance it for you. The ceremony, cocktail hour and the reception all need to have different levels of sound to flow with the mood. At the ceremony, your DJ will make sure to keep it light and have a smooth transition as each person walks down the aisle. At cocktail hour, you want to make sure the volume is at an appropriate level so people can still hear themselves talking all while enjoying the music being played. At the reception, the DJ will keep up with the mood and play the type of hand picked music you selected at the perfect timing.


White Rose Entertainment vs. Other DJ Services:

White Rose prides themselves on a few key services. One, they always have two people at a wedding. Someone trying to do all three parts of the wedding (ceremony, cocktail and reception) does not always function well. Second, they make sure to check in with the venue and photographer/videographer before they proceed with any crucial moments, such as, where and when first toasts and cake cutting are being announced, and the critical first dances. In addition to the key services listed, Jeff also shared with me the three unique features that make White Rose stand out from other DJs.

Three Unique Features:

Blueprint- Before even contracting with White Rose, Jeff will meet with you to get to know you better and fully review the details of their packages. At this time, White Rose offers you four pages of questions of how you would like certain things to be handled on wedding day. For example, they will ask how you would like the first dance to be played. You can choose all five minutes of the song, just two minutes and fade it out, or all five minutes and then have bridal party join in. This makes them prepared for YOUR wedding day.

Music Profiles- During the planning process, Jeff will review 39 categories of music with you and make notes next to each category in their system. This feature allows you to customize your wedding day playlist! For example, you can say “I love the 90s but I HATE Vanilla Ice”. He helps narrow down your specific music taste, so you hear everything you love on wedding day. He will also make sure that if a guest requests “Ice Ice Baby”, he will politely turn them down while also recommending something similar in a genre that you approved ahead of time. A friend with an iPod and a speaker will not be able to quickly pull up this information. With this music profile, it allows them to properly match their DJ’s that specialize in that style of music.

Family Dynamic – They will review each side of the family dynamic with you. For example, they will ask if there are any divorced parents and if they would want to be recognized at their seats or be introduced with wedding party. This is very crucial as you definitely want to make sure everyone feels comfortable.


After you’ve put your heart and soul into planning out your perfect wedding day, you want to make sure that it is executed flawlessly. Having professional vendors on your side will truly make your day magical! These are just the many highlights of what a professional DJ will do for you. There are so many wonderful DJ companies in Orlando that I recommend. If you are interested in White Rose Entertainment's unique style, please go visit their website today as shown below. Thank you so much Jeff for your great insight into your world!

White Rose Entertainment Website:

White Rose Entertainment Instgram: @whiteroseent



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