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Let's talk about "Day of" Planning

So, what is “Day of” planning anyway? First off, “Day of” planning doesn’t really exist. Let’s walk through what we do as your Wedding Planner when booking a “day of” planning package!


When planning begins, we do not leave you high and dry until wedding day. Your wedding would crash and burn if we did that. We actually start the planning process as soon as you book! You could be 4 months out or a year plus out and we will guide you all the way through wedding day!


With Simply Enchanted Events, you receive several detailed checklists and key tips/reminders throughout the planning process. To enhance our couples experience, we have videos talking through key highlights of each checklist and our personal tips that we feel are important for you to know.


While couples are starting to book their wedding vendors, we do include a Preferred Vendors List for you to start with. We do not require you to book your wedding vendors from this list, however we’ve already done the research and know they will all great take care of you on wedding day.


At 2-3 months out is when we would have your first planning call to begin reviewing your timeline details. This is where we will review everything you have booked and planned out. We map it out on our very detailed wedding timeline and make sure that everything flows smoothly for you. During this call we also guide you through your wedding day, so you know what to expect!


Together we will review:

  • When hair and makeup should begin

  • What time your photographer should arrive & discuss what they typically capture on wedding day

  • We review all traditional wedding formalities, which include first dances, toasts, bouquet toss, etc

  • We talk through all song selections needed & share recommendations if you are feeling torn or overwhelmed

  • We also share a few modern formalities that our couples have been incorporating into their wedding day

  • We review what you will be providing to our team to set for you on wedding day

  • We also review what each vendor/venue will be providing and setting for you

  • We will make sure that you are not missing any important details and will make suggestions as needed!


After this call, we start reaching out to your vendor team to introduce ourselves as your Wedding Planner and collect their specific details for the timeline. At this point, all vendors will have a copy of your unique timeline so they are prepared with your details!


We will typically hold your final call 1 month prior to wedding day to finalize all remaining details. This meeting can also be held in person if you wish! We’ve met our couples at their wedding venue and attended the menu tasting too.


Here’s who we feel the “Day of” planning package is perfect for:

  • Type A Couples – You are happy booking your vendors, mapping out your wedding design and keeping track of your budget + due dates

  • The budget conscious couples - You know you need a wedding planner, but don't have space in the budget to dedicate to a full planning package.

  • The dedicated - You have the time to dedicate to wedding planning and just need someone to take over on wedding weekend

On the weekend of your wedding, your designated “Lead Planner” will manage your rehearsal the day before your wedding and then come with a team on wedding day to ensure you and your fiancé can truly enjoy your wedding day!


At your Wedding Rehearsal we:

  • Practice lining up your wedding party & walking down the aisle.

  • We line up your wedding party at the alter and make sure everyone is standing properly.

  • We give tips and tricks to your wedding party so that they feel confident and know exactly what to do at each moment of your ceremony.

  • We address any questions from your wedding party & family so that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  • We review brief key details from the timeline to ensure everyone knows where to be and when.


On Wedding Day, we are doing so much behind the scenes so you can be in the moment!

  • Our team is always checking in with you, your partner, your family and wedding party.

  • We are working alongside your vendor team to ensure things are moving smoothly and no moments on the timeline are missed.

  • We cue your vendors up for the big moments! So, when you are walking down the aisle, we are making sure the DJ/Musician(s) is/are playing the correct song, your photographers are ready and your officiant is in place with their microphone on.

  • We make sure you actually get to enjoy your cocktail hour food and entrée at reception.  

  • We provide a wedding day emergency kit that includes everything from bobby pins, scissors, a glue gun to a sewing kit + much more!


We are lucky to have had so many incredible couples over the years. However, there is one specific “Day of” couple that I will never forget and that is Nicole and Jordan! Nicole was very organized from the start. She knew exactly what she wanted, booked her wedding vendors and truly enjoyed planning out her wedding day.


When it came time for our team to step in, she had organized checklists sharing exactly what she imagined for her big day. Nicole and Jordan had a few DIY elements, so on wedding day you bet she had several bins organized by guest tables, ceremony, sweetheart table, etc. It was amazing and truly made her wedding day flawless. At the end of the evening, Nicole came up to me with tears in eyes saying how she couldn’t have done this without our team. We love you Nicole & Jordan!!!


If you feel that you need more guidance throughout the planning process, we also offer a Partial Planning Package and Full Planning Package. These packages automatically include Kelsey, the Owner of Simply Enchanted Events, as your Lead Planner!


Want to learn more about our planning experience? Click here to schedule a call. We can’t wait to learn more about your big day!



Your Simply Enchanted Events Team

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