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It's officially September, so that means fall is just around the corner. I can already smell the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! To properly kickoff this exciting season, I thought I would dedicate this blog to my personal fall wedding inspiration! We’re going to dive into colors, themes and decoration options to get pumped for fall weddings.

I love fall so much, that I am even having my wedding in November. As I plan, I will be sure to share some tips and tricks that I pick up along the way, so make sure to follow Simply Enchanted Events on your favorite social media site!

First off, you have to pick out your colors! I must admit, I am guilty and haven't picked mine out either. There's SO much you can do! However, let's narrow it down to four of my favorite color combinations.

  • Colors: Burgundy, Ivory, Blush with Gold Tones – This is your classic wedding theme. It’s so gorgeous and very easy to match when picking out your décor and dresses.

  • Colors: Plum, Sage, Ivory, Orange, and Gold Tones – I absolutely LOVE purple and it’s perfect for the fall! I picture plum as your main color, with touches of sage and gold tones. I added orange in there, because pumpkins down the aisle are just the cutest! You can even have them as your main centerpiece for your reception tables.

  • Colors: Dark Teal, Burnt Orange with Gold Tones – I’m so drawn to these colors! This is definitely for my creative brides that want to do something completely different.

  • Colors: Black, Burgundy and Gold Tones – This one is for my bold brides, really going against tradition. These color patterns will for sure make a statement and give you that formal wedding of your dreams.

When picking out your colors, you’ll want to keep a theme in mind. For me, I’m leaning more towards that “Dark & Moody” feel. Just like my third color combination, you can choose one main dark color and then add in pops of brighter color options in there. It will be very eye catching and look incredible in photos. Another theme gorgeous theme is “Romantic Classic”. With this theme, I see your main color being "Dusty Rose" with heavy floral and lot’s of candles down the aisle and your reception table. There are so many themes out there, so take your time selecting which best suits you and have fun with it!

Let’s talk centerpieces! As I’m budgeting out my wedding costs, I keep finding myself being drawn to THE MOST expensive options. However, there are always different ways to cut costs. Also, if you plan it out far enough and take your time, you could make your own centerpieces. Below are a few ideas to keep you inspired!

  • Greenery & Candles: Let’s go with my first color combination and design the table from there! I’m picturing burgundy linen and then greenery and candles across the table. Doing this option is best if you have all long tables. This is probably the easiest and most cost effective way as centerpiece options go.

  • Lanterns: Another fun and easy option. I always tell my brides to wait for a holiday weekend and then then hit your favorite craft store. When you find your ideal lanterns, you can buy them in bulk and be set! In addition to the lantern, you can add candles and greenery around it with fairy lights inside!

  • Pumpkins: Of course this has to be a centerpiece option since we are planning a fall wedding! You can have fun and add different colored pumpkins for your centerpiece. I’ve seen your standard orange pumpkin, as well as, white and navy colors. Instead of the navy, you can have the dark teal option to match my third color combo mentioned above. With this centerpiece, I would go with ivory or white linens and then choose a dark napkin to match your color scheme. This will draw out the pumpkins and keep it classy!

  • Mason Jars: This is super cute and simple, especially if you are going for a more rustic wedding! I picture mason jars with baby's breathe or fairy lights inside. You can place the mason jar on a wooden slab and put candles around it.

  • Floral Arrangements: Since you will be getting bouquets from your florist, you might as well re-purpose them for the reception! This will save you a nice chunk in your budget and bring color to your tables. In addition to the bouquets, I always love using the ceremony decor to decorate your sweet heart table!

For more ideas on fall weddings, go check out my Pinterest boards. I've pinned all the ideas I talked about above to help you better visualize your fall wedding. Check out the link below to take you there. Happy planning!


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