All My Favorite Things: Winter Wedding Inspiration

So were you one of those people that as soon as November 1st hit, it was time for holiday music? Because, I was! I absolutely LOVE the holidays. I normally wait to start listening to holiday songs until after Thanksgiving, but shoot with how 2020 has been going, I feel like we all have a reason to celebrate a little early. What's your go to song? Mine is Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is you"!

To get ready for the gorgeous winter weddings you are about to see, I have some fun inspiration for you. I almost picked my wedding date to be early January, because I love those winter wedding vibes as well. So if I were to have a winter wedding, this is exactly what I would have done!

For colors, I would recommend the below options. When picking out your wedding colors, always keep mind what is really going to pop for you. You'll want to take your venue space in consideration as well as what will look most flattering for your wedding party.

  • Colors: Hunter Green, White, Gold and Black Tones - This is definitely that "dark and moody" vibe that I absolutely love. If you can pull this off, do it! It's so different and bold. I picture a very formal wedding for this one. The groom and his groomsmen are in black tuxes of and the bridesmaids are wearing long hunter green dresses. With these colors and the season, you can either go rustic or classic. For a more rustic look, have your guests seated at farm tables with greenery running along the table, black chargers and gold flatware. For the more classic and traditional look, you can have hunter green table clothes with white napkins and gold chargers. When designing your cake, go all out and have a hunter green design. It will look incredible for photos and give you that bold look! Below is an incredible cake that Morgan Hunter Desserts created for a styled shoot I did back in August. They are amazing!

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  • Colors: Burgundy, Blush, White and Champagne - This is your classic and timeless look. I feel like a lot of weddings go for the burgundy, but it just looks so good so it's hard not to! The burgundy is your main color that you can lighten up with the blush and champagne. You can have all of your bridesmaids in burgundy dresses and then your maid/matron of honor in a sparkly champagne dress. The groom and groomsmen can be dressed in black tuxes or even in burgundy with black accents - completely up to you! For your decor, I picture champagne linens with burgundy napkins. You can even throw in some black accents here to have a contrast by setting black chiavari chairs or chargers. Totally up to your taste!

  • Colors: Dusty Blue, Burgundy, Grey, White and Gold Tones- Love this! It's not as common and there's so much you can do with it! Since your main colors are the Dusty Blue and Burgundy, you can choose monochromatic colors in the blue and burgundy for your decor. The bridesmaides can be in shades of blue and the guys could be dressed in light grey tuxes. To keep everything light, you'll want to do light touches of burgundy and save it for your floral and accent pieces on the reception tables. I picture dusty blue linens with gold chargers, gold flatware and gold or white chiavari chairs. With this design you could have fun with it and either give it a rustic or vintage look. For the rustic look, definitely throw in those farm tables and have a light, chiffon dusty blue table runner with lots of greenery to go on top. For the vintage look, I picture dusty blue velvet linen with vintage chair pieces set throughout. I would take advantage of this look and do a lounge set in vintage furniture. Set this piece at your cocktail hour for photos. Your guests will love it!

  • Colors: Red, Green, White and Gold Tones - I had to go with the classic holiday look! One wedding I did at a venue I worked for, had this theme and they went all out with the Christmas decor. They had Christmas trees in the background with family ornaments, to make it feel warm and homey in their reception space. Her bridesmaids were in emerald green dresses and they had the guys in grey suites. Such a great look! My last favorite detail from this wedding was that the bride and bridesmaids were hanging out in plaid pjs while getting their hair and makeup done. It was such a fun twist on what the bridal party normally wears when getting ready! When going with this look, you could keep it light and have white linens, gold accents in the chargers, chaivari chairs and flatware or flip it and have red linens.

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Check out my Pinterest boards below for more winter wedding inspiration. I've pinned all the color combinations mentioned above to help you better visualize your perfect winter wedding. Happy planning!


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