The Importance of Proper Wedding Stationery

Weddings are different from any other event! There are certain expectations and proper procedures in place. As a wedding planner, it is my job to guide you through that process, so you do not miss a beat!

As you begin to plan out your big day, you fall in love with colors, styles and themes. There are many ways to show off your selected wedding design. The very first moment your guests will get a glimpse into your wedding design is through your wedding stationery. Think about it! This is the first item your guests will see before they even make it your wedding day. To give you a better understanding of what information to include in each stationery piece, I have listed it out below in bullet points – my favorite!

· Save The Dates: The very first piece of information your guests will receive – so exciting! The only bits of information you need to include on here are you and your partners name, the wedding date and name of the city where the wedding will be taking place. One fun tip for your Save The Dates is to have your engagement photos on the card. This is a super cute way to announce your wedding and will get your guests excited. Also, another perfect excuse to share those amazing photos you just got!

· Wedding Invitation: This is the big one! The wedding invitation sets the whole tone of your wedding experience for your guests…no pressure. On your invitations, you will need to include who is hosting the wedding, you and your partners name, the wedding date and time, and the name and location of your venue. You can also add in the dress code, but it is not a required detail. If you have any additional information to share with your guests, then insert cards can be used. Honestly, the more information on your wedding the better. This will give your guests an overview of exactly what to expect for that weekend.

· RSVP Card: Super important for obvious reasons! Make this card short and sweet by having the date for when the RSVP is due back, a line for the guests’ name, and a response option. If you are having a plated meal, you will need to have meal options for the guests to select. One tip on this portion of the card is to check in with your venue/caterer to see if they can accommodate special dietary restrictions. If your venue/caterer can do so, then I would have an option for guests to list out what their dietary restrictions are. This will save you lots of headaches later!

· Insert Cards: Within the wedding suite, you can have separate insert cards included to provide guests with additional information for your big day. Those cards include the accommodation details (your room block), wedding website card and a reception card if your ceremony and reception are at different locations.

· Rehearsal Dinner Invitation: If you plan on having a rehearsal dinner, this is important to have as a separate invite as not all guests will be part of this experience. This will also set the tone for the type of party you are hosting for this event. In traditional cases, the groom’s family will host this event. Once you confirm who is hosting this event, you will want to include that family’s name on the invitation to give proper credit to that family.

These items set the tone of what your guests should expect for your wedding day. On your stationery you can give playful hints of your color scheme and style. Giving these little details away on your wedding stationery, will get your guests excited for what’s to come! If you feel overwhelmed with where to start on your wedding stationery, I highly recommend hiring a stationery designer to do the job! The Orlando vendor I am recommending for you today is Paper Goat Post!

Paper Goat Post is owned by twin sisters, Megan and Cedar! They have hundreds of designs that can be personalized to your needs or they can design a fully custom suite just for you. They will sit down with you to go over your wedding vision and make sure if fits perfectly when designing your stationery details. Now the fun doesn’t stop there, Paper Goat Post is not just for stationary as the offer so much more! They have the most adorable shop set in Downtown Orlando with the cutest of details. Make sure to go check out their website below to start planning your stationery out with them today!

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