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Cake, cake and more.....cake?

Exploring all of the options for your dessert station one delicious detail at a time.

Anytime I am planning a wedding, I always encourage my couples to put a fun twist on the dessert table. As tradition goes, everyone thinks that you HAVE to have a wedding cake. But wait, there’s so much more! In the planning process, I ask my couples - "what is your favorite type of dessert"? Some of them don’t even like cake, so why would they want that on their big day? Now, I am not telling you to completely rule out the wedding cake. Instead, I encourage you to have fun and expand your options! Have your cake and treats too! Picture luscious, red strawberries dipped in chocolate. Add in some yummy gourmet cake pops with a few sprinkles to top it off. And did someone say donut wall? I could go on and on as the opportunities are endless in the dessert category. All of these dessert options can also be in tune with your color palette, which perfectly ties in all of the details you’ve been working so hard to show off. The dessert table is one of the most photographed areas of your wedding, so you'll want to make sure it's eye catching! When offering these delicious treats at your dessert table, I would recommend having the traditional cake as your focal point with the desserts set around it. It really just depends on what type of sweet tooth you have! If it were my wedding day, the whole table would involve lots of chocolate and light bites of cheesecake options with a small wedding cake to "seal the deal". Many companies offer these options and can totally customize them based on your wedding vision. One of my favorite wedding vendors that I have worked with is Farida with Florida Candy Buffets. Whenever I see her setting up at a wedding, I swoon! She is incredible and her dessert display is out of this world. She not only creates these amazing variety of desserts, but also has linens and decor to really enhance the overall look. She is is the real deal! Your wedding guests will be in heaven after tasting one of her delectable desserts. Please give her some love! I have listed her website below so you can see for yourself. Have a sweet day!



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Love the blog!!! Things have changed SO MUCH since I got married 34 years ago!!! I have two daughters - will definitely be following you!!! 💕

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