Including your Fur Baby on wedding day

Are you looking for creative ways to surprise your guests and have a fun wedding? There are SO many elements you can incorporate into your wedding day to do so. One of my favorites is having your fur baby as part of your ceremony. That’s right! More and more couples are having their dogs walk down the aisle and watch them get married. If you love your dog as much as I do, then I’m sure you would want him or her to be part of this very special day!

So now that you are loving this idea, the questions coming flooding in… “Who walks our pup down the aisle?”, “How do I make sure they behave during the ceremony?” Well, there is a very special vendor that I’d like to introduce you to and that’s Fairytail Pet Care!

Fairytail Pet Care is the very 1st Pet Care Company in The United States. They are based in Florida and Georgia, but also available to travel nationwide! What makes their company extra special is that after each wedding they work, they donate a portion of your payment to a local animal shelter to help the less fortunate dogs find there future home. (Insert crying emoji here)

To give you a behind the scenes look into what Fairytail Pet Care offers, I spoke with founders Kelly and Ilana! Since every pet is totally unique, they tailor each wedding day to specifically fit their client's needs. The very first thing they consider is the pet's personality! Are they high energy, do they get anxious around other people or crowds, or do they show any aggressiveness towards others? Once they get to know your dog better, they can plan out the wedding day from there!

On wedding day, I've often seen Fairytail Pet Care taking my couples dog for a walk around the venue to get their energy out prior to ceremony. They always provide constant love, treats, and a water bowl so that your dog is taken care of leading up to the big moment. This ensures couples that their baby is receiving the best care while getting ready for the ceremony.

At the ceremony, the groom or best man can walk your dog down the aisle and then Fairytail Pet Care will be waiting in the background to take care of them immediately after. Once you say "I do", Fairytail Pet Care will be there to help your dog properly pose for pictures, making it a seamless process for both you and your pup.

Their total package includes round trip transportation. Their pricing is based by the total hours of care- from pick up to them leaving at the end of the night. Fairytail Pet Care also makes sure your pup is completely taken care of and all settled in after dropping them off safely at the end of the day.

Another wonderful perk of hiring this company is, they offer a "Dog of Honor" Videography service! Their videos are professionally edited & filmed and show a unique perspective of the wedding day from their best friend’s POV! They do so by following your pup around on their "FairyTail adventure" and capture the candid, heartwarming moments that only a dog can bring, as well as many of the details from the wedding. How cool is that?!

So I don't know about you, but they are most definitely on my vendor list for when I get married! If you are feeling the same way, I have made sure to list their website below. Check out their social media pages as well to see the all the puppy love on wedding day for yourself!

Fairytail Pet Care:


Instagram: fairytail_petcare

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