Evening vs. Brunch Wedding

While planning out your wedding day, there are so many options to consider. New trends are constantly coming out, where you have to weigh out what is a fad vs what is going to actually stick. When planning out my wedding, I was in between whether to have a brunch or evening wedding. After seeing so many weddings, I originally had trouble deciding on what was best for us as a couple. I figured there are probably other couples out there with the same dilemma, and I have some thoughts for you!

When deciding which option suits you best, you have to decide what type of experience you want to have. Below is a Pro and Con list, my favorite, of having an evening wedding vs a brunch wedding:

Evening Wedding Pros:

  • In most cases, you have more time blocked off with the wedding venue. Typically you can book from 5pm-11pm, giving you 6 hours of time to have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. Make sure to check with your ideal venue first, as these times vary!

  • You have all day to get ready and relax with your wedding party. On my wedding day, I plan on relaxing with my girls, drinking mimosas while getting our hair and make up done.

  • You'll have plenty of time to get the maximum use out of your wedding photographer.

  • If you are more on the traditional or formal side, then an evening reception is a "no brainer". Having an evening reception just gives you a completely different feel.

  • If you love to dance and let loose, having an evening reception will definitely help. Your band or DJ will more likely be able to get people onto the dance floor and keep them there with an evening wedding reception.

  • You'll get to enjoy more time with the family and friends that have traveled to be there for you on your big day.

Evening Wedding Cons:

  • It's definitely going to be your more expensive option.

  • There's more expected at an evening wedding over a brunch wedding.

  • If you're not a late night owl, then it might feel like a super long day for you. You could potentially be getting ready at 9am and be celebrating till midnight.

  • It makes it a bit more difficult for friends or family with kids to make arrangements for the night to attend your wedding.

  • If you're having your wedding in Florida, you have a greater chance of inclimate weather affecting your ceremony and/or reception in many seasons.

Brunch Wedding Pros:

  • You can make it more causal and relaxed if you are not looking to have a more formal event.

  • Brunch menus are so fun and delicious! I picture an endless mimosa and sangria bar with food stations consisting of eggs benedict, waffle/pancake bar and a prime rib carving station. Yum!

  • The overall cost of the wedding would be cheaper. The venue fee will be at a lower cost, since you are not renting their space as long, and the menu costs could be potentially be cut in half.

  • If you're not a big cake person, you have some more flexibility on dessert. You can have a waffle cake or, of course a large donut wall with all of your favorite flavors. So good!

  • You have more time to enjoy the day after the wedding. Depending on where you are having your wedding, you can go and enjoy a fun activity with your family and friends!

  • If pictures are super important to you, then having a brunch wedding will give you that gorgeous natural lighting everyone craves for wedding day.

Brunch Wedding Cons:

  • If you're not a morning person, then a brunch wedding is definitely not for you! Depending upon the ceremony time, you could potentially be getting your hair and makeup done at 5am.

  • Your wedding reception will be much shorter than an evening wedding, so the whole day could feel like a blur.

  • You'll have less time to spend with friends and family, as it is a shorter reception. Depending on the day you have your brunch wedding, guests may not be in town as long and will most likely head home after the reception.

  • If you have guests that were planning to travel day of to attend your wedding, they might find it difficult to arrive in a timely manner if they do not live in the immediate area. This may cause potential delays to your special day.

When making the final decision on a brunch or evening wedding, you have to keep in mind what works best for you. If you are all about the brunch menu and rather a more causal affair, then a brunch wedding is definitely your style. But, if you grew up dreaming of your wedding day and want to soak up every minute of the planning and the day of, then an evening wedding suits you perfectly. For me, I chose an evening wedding. It came pretty close between the two, but I saw a more formal, elegant wedding for my big day. What will you choose?

Make sure to stay up to date with my blogs! Now that I'm planning out my wedding, I'll be sure to share all of my experiences with you. Can't wait to share more with you soon!



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