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Weddings are beautiful! I love all of the "first moments" that my couples have throughout their day. Seeing the bride walk down the aisle in her wedding dress to a violinist playing in the background, the first kiss as the newlyweds, and then the roar of the crowd when the couple gets introduced into their reception space, are all some of my favorite moments on wedding day. Now, when it comes to the first dance part, that could get a bit awkward. You see it all! Some couples have their first dance down to a tee, while others...well, you can tell right at that moment that they've realized "oh dear god, I've never danced well in my life and now every ones watching me". Don't let that be you! To best prepare you, I have partnered with Fred Astaire Winter Park Dance Studios to give you the inside scoop on the many reasons why to book dance lessons, prior to your wedding day, and what to expect.

The Why:

  • You've just spent all this money to make your wedding beautiful and exciting, don't let it flop with an awkward first dance. If you want to continue to give your guests something impressive to remember, this is the way to go.

  • Do it for you: You want to feel confident when dancing with your partner for the first time.

  • Date night: With all of the wedding planning, this will give you a fun break and allow quality time with you and your partner while learning something new together.

  • Get fit: While you are having fun learning a new dance with your partner, this will allow you to get fit and de-stress before wedding day.

  • Make new friends: You and your partner get to meet other couples, also newly engaged, while learning how to properly dance.

What to Expect:

At about 5-6 months out from your wedding day is when you will want to contact Fred Astaire Dance Studio to get started. Fred Astaire offers one free consultation and an introductory dance lesson for you and your partner. During your consultation, you can bring your favorite songs, pictures of your venue and wedding vision, as well as your favorite dance videos you've found. Anything you bring, to the instructors, will help them customize your first dance to perfectly express your unique love story.

Next would be the introductory dance lesson! At this lesson, their Certified Dance Instructors will guide you, and other Orlando couples, in a general session to learn basic formal dances. Now, after this first dance lesson, you may want to invest in more time with the studio if you'd like a full on choreographed first dance. At your next session, you can start practicing a specific dance tailored to you and your partner. This is where the instructors will choreograph a dance tailored to your style, personality, and music selection. It all depends on what you want out of the studio!

When attending your first lesson, make sure to where something comfortable. They recommend leather-sole shoes for the guys and a shoe with a back for the ladies. However, if you have already purchased your shoes for wedding day, Fred Astaire Studios suggest that you bring them along to your first lesson. This will allow their instructors to determine if you’ll be able to dance comfortably in them. If you plan on wearing your wedding shoes to your first dance lesson, I also still recommend you bring along another pair of comfy shoes as recommended above. Just in case your new wedding heels do not work out, this will allow you to continue the free dance lesson pain free. On wedding day, you can do the same! Your guests will not notice one bit if you end up changing out your shoes just before the first dance.

As you plan out your unique first dance with Fred Astaire Dance Studios, they will sit down with you to plan out how many sessions you may need to achieve your goal, while working with you on your budget.

If you are still a little nervous about trying this out, follow Simply Enchanted Events for more details. Since I am also newly engaged, my fiance and I will be booking a lesson to try it out for ourselves. You bet I will be blogging about my first hand experience. My fiance grew up going to Cotillion classes, so I'm not worried about him at all. For me on the other hand, I am in no way a talented dancer, so get ready for all the laughs!

To learn more about Fred Astaire Winter Park Dance Studio, I have listed their website below. Happy dancing!

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